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Zarif: Unlike Trump’s Friends in Middle East, Iranians Can Vote, Oppose!

3 January 2018 17:15


Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohamamd Javad Zairf hit back at US President remarks on latest protests in Iran, saying that people in the Islamic Republic can vote and oppose, unlike regional friends of Donald Trump.

“Iran’s security and stability depend on its own people, who – unlike regional “bffs”- have the right to vote and to protest,” Zarif tweeted late Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the top Iranian diplomat warned that inflators won’t be allowed to sabotage the rights of Iranians.

“These hard-earned rights will be protected, and infiltrators will not be allowed to sabotage them through violence and destruction.”

Iran has witnessed throughout the previous days protests in several cities over price hikes. Some of these demonstrations turned violent as protesters attacked security forces and caused destruction to public property in the country.

Trump had earlier posted several tweets in which he voiced “sympathy” with Iranian protesters.

President Hasan Rouhani vowed that the Iranian government will deal with the issue of price hikes, noting that Iranians have the right to protest but stressed that the law should be respected and that rioters should be held accountable. Commenting on Trump’s remarks, Rouhani stressed that Trump has no right to voice sympathy with the Iranians whom he described earlier as “terrorists.”

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