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IRGC Chief Announces End of Sedition

4 January 2018 10:24

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said Wednesday that the violent protests that had rocked Iran over several days was at an end, and that a maximum of 15,000 people had taken part nationwide.

“Today we can announce the end of the sedition,” General Mohammad Ali Jafaari, commander of the Revolutionary Guards, said on its website.

“There were a maximum of 1,500 people in each place and the number of trouble-makers did not exceed 15,000 people nationwide,” he added.

“Enemies know that they can by no means threaten the Islamic Republic of Iran militarily, and after the Sacred Defense (during Iraq’s imposed war on Iran), they have invested heavily to carry out cultural, economic and security threats against Iran.”

He said the Iranian nation has been targeted due to its resistance against the US and its “lackeys” and for its support for the oppressed nations worldwide.

Iran has witnessed rallies in the past few days over price hikes and economic woes in some cities, but some rioters have taken the protest so far by damaging public property and attacking police forces.

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