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Iranian drugs to be exported to Qatar

5 January 2018 17:29


According to a cooperation agreement inked between Iran and Qatar, Iranian drugs will be exported to Qatar.

Under the agreement, hard-to-cure Qatari patients and also patients suffering from cancer will use Iranian-made drugs and medicines.

For this purpose, a joint cooperation agreement was signed yesterday between Dr. Haleh Hamedifar, Chief Executive of CinnaGen Pharmaceutical Group and Qatari pharmaceutical officials in order to supply Iranian medicines to Qatari patients suffering from special diseases.

Given the above issue, Iran’s CinnaGen Pharmaceutical Group undertook to supply more than 40 “hi-tech” drugs for Qatari patients from its production sites based on Iran and Turkey.

As the first and sole Iranian company, CinnaGen Pharmaceutical Group is licensed by EU’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and is the largest and most reliable knowledge-based company in country’s pharmaceutical industry. The Group accounts for 30% of Iran’s total pharmaceutical export share.

Providing medicines and drugs for special and hard-to-cure patients is a major concern for all governments in the world at the current situation. The use of biochemical products can raise a hope for the treatment of a great number of patients who are in in need of medication across the world.

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