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All riots leaders identified, arrested: judiciary official

8 January 2018 18:31


Hamid Shahriari, the Deputy Head of Iran’s Judiciary System, announced on Monday that all the masterminds and ringleaders of recent riots in Iran were identified and arrested to be tried.

“Harsh punishment is expected to be meted out to the instigators of recent riots in some cities of Iran,” said Hamid Shahriari, the Deputy Head of Iran’s Judiciary System, on Monday.

The judiciary official made the remarks on the sidelines of the anti-riots rallies in Abyek, a county in Alborz province of Iran.

“The rioters, their leaders, and those who commanded and organized the riots of the recent days will face sever enforcement of law with no mercy,” asserted the official.

“I assuredly announce that all the instigators of recent riots have been identified and arrested and they are awaiting their trials,” he added.

“The seditionists and pro-intrigue rioters are aiming to find a media channel to propagandize against the Islamic Establishment,” highlighted Mr. Shahriari.

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