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Syrian Army within 14km of strategic base in east Idlib – map

8 January 2018 9:21


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) scored a big advance in the southern countryside of Idlib, yesterday, capturing several towns after a fierce battle with the jihadist rebels.

Led by their elite Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army kicked off the day by capturing three towns located near Sinjar.

Following this advance, the Syrian Army turned their attention to Sinjar, firing several missiles and mortar shells towards the enemy defenses before storming the town.

It wouldn’t take long for the Syrian Army to take control of Sinjar after the missile barrage, as the jihadist rebels of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham and Jaysh Al-‘Izza quickly evacuated the town in order to build up their defenses near the Abu Dhuhour Military Airport.

As a result of these gains, the Syrian Arab Army now finds themselves within 14 km of the Abu Dhuhour Military Airport, which is strategically located in the eastern countryside of Idlib.

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