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US Hostility towards Iranians ‘Deep-Rooted, Never Ends’

8 January 2018 22:27


Iranian Army Commander Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi described US’ hostility towards Iranian nation as ‘deep-rooted and never ends’.

Addressing a local gathering in Tehran Monday, Commander Mousavi said, “US hostility towards Iran has existed since the victory of 1979 Islamic Revolution and even before it.”

Asked about US President Donald Trump and several American officials’ support for recent protests in Iran, he said the US has so far resorted to any measures to strike a heavy blow to Iran, but it has been defeated and would be overpowered in the future, too, IRNA news agency reported.

Iran has witnessed rallies throughout last week over price hikes and economic woes in some cities, but some rioters have taken the protest so far by damaging public property and attacking police forces.

Commenting on the recent events, President Hasan Rouhani said the government will deal with the issue of price hikes, noting that the Iranians have the right to protest in compliance with the regulations.

Meanwhile, he vowed that the united Iranian nation will stand firm against a small group of foreign-induced rioters that have tried to hijack recent peaceful protests in the country.


Source: IRNA

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