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Assassinating Terrorist Commanders on Rise amid Syrian Army’s Rapid Advances in Idlib

9 January 2018 17:52


Terrorists in the Northwestern province of Idlib have assassinated a number of their own commanders following the Syrian Army troops’ advances in Southeastern Idlib, local sources reported on Tuesday.

The sources said that a group of terrorists, including four commanders and their aides, have been killed through poisoning in Idlib province.

The sources said that the commanders have been killed by their own men after the rapid and devastating advances of the army in Southeastern Idlib.

They went on to say that one of the vehicles that were transferring the commanders and their aides to hospitals in Turkey has had an accident, adding that five of the commanders were dispatched to medical centers in Turkey.

Reports said that three of the commanders are in critical condition.

In relevant developments last month, vehicle of the Abu Zabah Araqi, a notorious commander of the Al-Nusra Front, came under attack by unknown assailants near the central prison in Idlib and he was shot dead.

Sources also reported intensified terrorist attacks on Al-Nusra commanders, and said that the vehicle of the commander of Al-Nusra Front’s Islamic Police, Khaled Anis al-Mousa, was exploded in Basqala village in Southern Idlib and his fate is still unknown.

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