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Breaking: Syrian army comes to within 3 km of strategic airbase in Idlib

9 January 2018 10:16


Elite assault troops of the Syrian Arab Army, scything their way through militant defense lines in the southeastern countryside of Idlib province, have come to within three kilometers of a key airbase that has since been lost by government forces for over two years.

Late on Monday night, military-affiliated sources reported that units of the Syrian Arab Army’s elite Tiger Forces Division had swept through most of the last settlements north of Sinjar on the way to Abu Duhur, securing at the furthest extent of their push the town of Zabuleh.

The attack has now put the Tiger Forces some three kilometers from the city of Abu Duhur and the all important Abu Duhur airbase which borders Idlib and Aleppo provinces via their eastern and southwestern approaches respectively.

By this advance, forces the Syrian Arab Army may very well re-claim the Abu Duhur airbase by Tuesday pending on if terrorists choose to make a stand, or a capable of making a stand, at the military installation.

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