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Republican Guard brigade joins Syrian Army’s offensive in east Damascus

9 January 2018 10:14


A seasoned unit of the of the Syrian Arab Army’s Republican Guard branch has arrived in east Damascus from Deir Ezzor to assist ongoing offensive operations by pro-government forces in the district of Harasta.

According to sources exclusive to Al-Masdar News, the Al-Kassem Group of the Republican Guard has official joined the Syrian Arab Army’s offensive in the east Damascus district of Harasta after its men and equipment were transferred from Deir Ezzor.

The Al-Kassem Group represents an elite formation within the Republican Guard that held its ground (and even occasionally counter-attacked) in Deir Ezzor during the three years of the city’s besieging at the hands of Islamic State militants.

The unit is accustomed to both urban warfare and rural warfare environments since in Deir Ezzor it held defense lines not only within the city itself but also maintained positions throughout semi-desert countryside around the city.

Reports also state that General Ghassan Tarraf will command the battle group during its operation in east Damascus.

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