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Syrian Army Mounts Modernized Anti Aircraft Gun on Military Truck

10 January 2018 16:39


The Syrian Army has mounted a Russia-made 57mm anti-aircraft gun on Ural-43206 high mobility truck to enhance combat and defense capability of the country’s troops in the battlefields, a Russian media outlet reported on Wednesday.

The Arabic-language website of Russia’s state news agency, Sputnik, reported that the army has mounted S-60 gun that is a Russian-made 57mm anti-aircraft gun on Ural-43206 vehicles of the Syrian Air Force.

The gun is used to destroy ground targets, including armored vehicles and infantries.

The Arabic-language website of the Lebanon-based AMN reported last month that Moscow has delivered at least 40 T-90 battle tanks to the Syrian army since the beginning of October, adding that the number of the delivered tanks are sufficient to set off an armored battalion.

It added that the new generation of T-90 tanks was carried by Russia’s cargo vessels to Syria’s Lattakia port city via Bosphorus Strait.

The new tanks will be delivered normally to the army’s special units that are leading unique operations.

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