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Photos- Elite Palestinian forces arrive Idlib to fight Al-Qaeda

11 January 2018 13:42


An elite pro-government paramilitary force made up of Syrian Palestinians has arrived in the province of Idlib to assist the Syrian Arab Army in ongoing battles against terrorist-held militias throughout the region.

In recent hours, pro-government social media has leaked photos taken of fighters from the Liwa al-Quds paramilitary group upon their recent arrival from Deir Ezzor province to southeast Idlib.

Having played a major role in helping the Syrian Army to defeat ISIS in the country’s east during 2017, Liwa al-Quds has now been requested by high-ranking army commanders to assist government troops in their ongoing battles against Al-Qaeda-linked militants in Idlib province.

Interesting to note is the high-proportion of American-built small arms being wielded by group’s fighters. This has likely come about due to the capture of large ISIS stockpiles in eastern Syria during 2017 which contained many US-made weapons (having been seized from Iraqi forces in 2014).

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