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Syrian Army fires hundreds of Golan missiles at terrorists in east Damascus during non-stop attack

11 January 2018 13:37


Amid heavy clashes between Syrian troops and jihadist militants throughout the district of Harasta in eastern Damascus, army rocket artillery units have been laying down an unrelenting barrage of heavy missile fire onto rebel defenses.

With high-intensity firefights ongoing on all across the Harasta district in eastern Damascus, the Syrian Arab Army continues to bring more and more heavy firepower to bear against jihadist fighters.

One of the Syrian Army’s key heavy fire support assets in this regard is the indigenous-designed Golan multiple rocket thrower system.

Recently, Syrian media released a two-minute video compilation of army rocket artillery units of the Golan-200, Golan-300 and Golan-400 varieties firing a non-stop barrage – literally hundreds of unguided missiles – against militant defenses in eastern Damascus to clear the way for ground forces to advance.

All of the rocket systems shown firing off their salvos belong to the elite 4th Mechanized Division of the Syrian Arab Army.

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