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Breaking: Elite Syrian troops reverse all terrorist gains in southeast Idlib

12 January 2018 20:27


Elite Syrian troops have reversed all gains made by terrorist groups in southeast Idlib province, retaking two final towns that they were pushed to withdraw from on Thursday due to a terrorist-led counter-offensive throughout the region.

Moments ago, military-affiliated sources reported that elite units of the Syrian Arab Army had recaptured the towns of Umm Khalakhil and Ard az-Zurzur in the southeastern countryside of Idlib province.

The towns were were seized from the Syrian Army (along with half-a-dozen other towns, all since restored to the control of army forces) over the course of Thursday after armed rebel groups – most of them terrorist factions – launched a counter-offensive against government troops with aim of driving them out of Idlib.

Umm Khalakhil and Ard az-Zurzur represent the last towns that were, until moments ago, still held by Islamist militias and by this advance the Syrian Army has now effectively reversed all terrorist gains made over the last 36 hours.

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