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Syrian Army Advancing in 2nd Front towards Idlib’s Strategic Airbase

12 January 2018 10:14


The Syrian army inflicted heavy defeats on the terrorists during the operations from Southern Aleppo (the second front) towards Abu al-Dhohour military airport in Southeastern Idlib, regaining control over several regions.

The army forces engaged in fierce clashes with the terrorists in Southern Aleppo on Thursday, winning back control of the towns of Zamlah al-Sharqiyeh, Zamlah al-Qarbiyeh, al-Reshadiyeh and al-Hawareh.

They also killed and wounded a number of terrorists during military operations, destroying several positions, weapons and equipment of militants.

The army intends to surround the terrorists in a vast area in Aleppo, Hama and Idlib by advancing in the region towards Abu al-Dhohour airbase.

In a relevant development on Wednesday, the Syrian army troops managed to push the al-Nusra Front back from 12 more villages in Southeastern Idlib, killing a number of terrorists, including a senior field commander.

The army men stormed the Al-Nusra strongholds in Southeastern Idlib near the key Abu al-Dhohour military airport again and captured the villages of al-Jaberiyeh, Rasm al-Nayas, al-Aziziyeh, Jubb al-Abyadh, Ra’eifa, al-Baya’a Saqira, al-Baya’a Kabira, Ra’as al-Ein, al-Boydar, Koula al-Boyday, Rasm al-Jahash and Rasm al-Borj.

Field sources, meantime, reported that fierce clashes are underway between the army and Al-Nusra in different flanks near Abu al-Dhohour, adding that Abu al-Qa’aqa’a, a notorious field commander of terrorists, has been killed in the clashes.

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