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Breaking: Syrian Army captures entire southwest Aleppo pocket following final sweep by troops

14 January 2018 21:03


Forces of the Syrian Arab Army have completely cleared a large pocket of what was once rebel controlled towns and villages situated throughout the Al-Hass plateau region of southwest Aleppo province.

Moments ago, the Syrian Army announced that it had gained full control over all towns and villages throughout the Al-Hass plateau following a four-day blitz offensive by it and allied paramilitaries in southwest Aleppo.

On Saturday, Syrian pro-government forces encircled all remaining rebel-held settlements within the Al-Hass region after they captured the strategic crossroad town of Tal ad-Daman and several other villages north of it.

Since Saturday until now, the main operations of Syrian troops have revolved around clearing abandoned towns of mines and improvised explosive traps with little resistance being encountered from rebel groups due to their speedy withdrawal from the the Al-Hass plateau just prior to its encirclement.

In total, the Syrian Army operation has brought well over one hundred settlements back under the control of the Damascus government.

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