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Syrian Army’s Al-Hass offensive in south Aleppo seize nearly 80 towns in four days

14 January 2018 18:43

The Syrian Arab Army’s offensive against armed Islamist groups throughout the Al-Hass plateau region in south Aleppo province has seen pro-government forces seize nearly eighty towns and villages in 100 hours.

In a four-day strategic operation, the Syrian Arab Army and allied paramilitary groups have taken control of 79 settlements within the Al-Hass region, including the all-important crossroad town of Tal ad-Daman.

The offensive was met with a kind of semi-present resistance by militant factions who seemed internally conflicted on whether they should fight for the Al-Hass plateau or not.

In the end, the sheer might of force the Syrian Army hit rebel militias with throughout the region quickly encouraged a full withdrawal.

At the present time, there remains around two dozen towns and villages encircled by Syrian army-led forces within the Al-Hass region that have yet to be officially cleared of armed rebel groups and any mines or improvised explosive traps they may have left behind.

Most of the Syrian Army’s effort in this regard revolves around de-mining rather than battling it out with militant elements since rebel fighters appear to have completely retreated west of the Al-Hass plateau prior to its encirclement.

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