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Leader of Islamic Ummah approves $300m aid to quake-stricken Iran province

15 January 2018 8:44


Supreme Leader of the Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Seyyed Imam Ali Khamenei approved allocation of $300 million aid to the quake-stricken areas in Kermanshah province, Governor General of the province Houshang Bazvand said on Sunday.

In a meeting with the Head of the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee Parviz Fattah, he added that of the amount, $100 million is scheduled to be spent on infrastructures including water, electricity, gas and renovation of schools.

Some $200 million will go to provincial banks to grant interest-free or low- interest (at most two percent) loans to those intending to resume their economic activities.

A 7.3 magnitude quake rocked western province of Kermanshah on November 12, killing 620 and injuring 12,386.

The quake inflicted heavy damage on 10 cities and 930 villages across the province.

Iran sits on several major seismological fault lines, making it one of the world’s most quake-prone countries.

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