Map: Syrian Army becomes the dominant force in Aleppo


The Syrian Arab Army and allied paramilitary groups have become the dominant force in the country’s heavily-disputed province of Aleppo, taking control of almost half of its territorial area.

Following recent operations in Aleppo province, pro-Damascus forces – namely the Syrian Arab Army – have gained control over 40.5 percent of the region with territorial holdings between Kurdish-led groups and rebel militias being split at 34.5 percent and 25 percent respectively.

The Al-Hass strategic offensive in Aleppo’s southern countryside, kicked-off less than a week ago, has proven to be the one decisive operation that tipped the scales of control over the province decisively in favor of the pro-government alliance.

At the present time, the Syrian Army and allied militias are continuing offensive operations throughout Aleppo, now aiming to link up with friendly forces in eastern Idlib and secure the entire southern region of the province from the presence of foreign-backed armed rebel groups.

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