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Breaking: Elite Syrian troops steal back key town in southeast Idlib as Islamist militias lose grip on recent gains

16 January 2018 22:28


Elite forces of the Syrian Arab Army have reclaimed yet another key town in southeastern Idlib province that was taken by Islamist militants several day ago as part of a counter-offensive that now appears to be running out of steam.

Moments ago, military-affiliated sources reported that troops of the Syrian Army’s elite Tiger Forces Division had seized back the town of Tal Maraq from jihadist-led militias amid ongoing heavy clashes in Idlib province’s southeastern countryside.

Tal Maraq serves as the gateway to a highly-strategic crossroad town just several kilometers further north, Khuwayn.

Although Khuwayn is yet to be seized by the Syrian Army (something which Tal Maraq’s capture greatly facilitates), artillery forces have nonetheless been shelling militant positions, gathering and movements in and around the town relentlessly for the last three days.

Although it is yet to be seen if the rebel’s offensive potential has been fully spent, the recent string of recaptures made by the Syrian Army during the past 36 hours seems to indicate that this may very well be the case.

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