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Breaking: Syrian army breaks through rebel lines in south Aleppo; almost reaching Idlib front

16 January 2018 22:29


Forces of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) are advancing rapidly in the south of Aleppo Governorate, pushing militant rebels ever further away on two lines of attack while marching south-west.

Following a successfull operation by the Syrian army that saw them liberate Tell Shahid and surrounding towns from Al-Qaeda affiliated rebel forces on Tuesday morning, another SAA attack further to the south also led to victory.
Reports have it that the Syrian Arab Army has now liberated the towns of Masih and Tell Masih, south-west Tall ad Daman, a town that was captured some days ago.

This recent offensive puts the South Aleppo frontline extremely close to their fellow Syrian Arab Army forces in the continuing Idlib offensive, that is still marching north. With the fall of Masih, Syrian forces in Aleppo are inching very close to cutting the Idlib-Hama pocket of Al-Qaeda activity completely in half.

Even more, the advance in South Aleppo means that militant rebel forces defending the key Abu ad Duhur airbase are now under imminent threat of being encircled from two sides. While the Idlib frontline moves ever close to the military airport from the south, the Aleppo forces are rapidly approaching from the north.

It is expected that the Syrian army is planning on completely closing the pocket around Abu ad Duhur airbase on all sides in the coming days, cutting the rebel forces off completely from the outside world.

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