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Rouhani says Iran must keep up with global cyberspace trends

17 January 2018 15:07


Iranian president said in a cabinet meeting on Wednesday that Iran must keep up with global trends in cyberspace industry, announcing the government will do more in that regard.

In a cabinet meeting which addressed the role of cyberspace and virtual world in creating jobs in the country’s economy, Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani said “Cyberspace is affecting personal, family, social and economic life at an extraordinary speed,” adding “it is creating a different kind of employment.”

Rouhani added that cyberspace needs more investment and development, though the issue of national sovereignty should be regarded.

Pointing out that the lack of understanding of the developments of cyberspace could lead to a generation gap, Rouhani said that the government should try not to get behind from the world in the field of developing cyberspace economy.

The cabinet meeting reviewed a report by Iran’s Supreme Council of Cyberspace in which the current situation of cyberspace in Iran and the country’s position in the world were discussed.

According to the report, so far a number of 132,834 jobs have been created by 21 startup companies in Iran.

Also in the meeting, some plans provided by different governmental organizations were approved.

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