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Zionist Entity Confirms Deal Reached with Jordan, Says Embassy to Resume Activity

19 January 2018 15:48


Zionist entity on Friday confirmed that a deal was reached with Jordan on resuming activity of Israeli embassy in Amman.

Earlier on Thursday, Amman said that Tel Aviv has formally apologized for the deaths of two of its citizens, who were killed by an Israeli security guard last July in an incident that has soured ties and led to the closure of the Israeli embassy in Amman, state media said.

Israeli Prime Minister’s Office confirmed the report, saying that Tel Aviv and Amman reached an agreement on the embassy killing, as well as the incident in which a Jordanian judge was killed in March 2014, Israeli daily Haaretz reported.

The Zionist regime added that its embassy will resume full activity immediately.

“The Israeli Embassy in Jordan will return to full activity immediately,” The Jerusalem Post quoted a statement released by Benjamin Netanyahu’s office as saying.

Jordanian government spokesman Mohammad al Momani was quoted by state news agency Petra as saying the Israeli Foreign Ministry had sent a memorandum in which it sent its “deep regrets and apologies.”

According to Al Momani, the Israeli occupation government committed in the memorandum to continue the legal proceedings related to the incident and to pay compensation to the families of the two men who were killed, Mohammed Jawawdeh and Dr. Bashar Hamarneh, and also to pay compensation to the family of Judge Raed Zeiter, who was shot to death by an Israeli security guard at the Jordan River crossing in 2014.

Al Momani said that Tel Aviv also stressed the importance of its cooperation with Jordan and its desire to end the crisis and to come to an agreement and understanding about these cases.

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