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Syrian Army launches powerful assault in Harasta

21 January 2018 10:33


Led by the Republican Guard and the 4th Division, Damascus-based Syrian Army units launched a major operation in the Harasta-Erbeen sector of east Damascus.

The offensive took off following a barrage of Joulan and UR-77 missile strikes on the targeted area of operations. Infantry units began storming the area between the towns of Harasta and Erbeen in an attempt to wedge between the two jihadist strongholds, long a thorn in the throat of the loyalist forces in east Damascus.

So far, the operation is a notable success as dozens of building blocks fall under the control of the government forces in the region surrounding Othman Mosque amidst a limited collapse in the jihadist lines.

According to reliable sources, dozens of Faylaq al-Rahman and HTS fighters perished or became buried alive under relentless bombardment by UR-77 explosives.

An authoritative source had informed AMN a few days earlier that a major offensive was to kick-off in Harasta aimed at liberating the entire district. Of course, that would mean cutting off the town’s supply routes from Erbeen if a true breakthrough was to be achieved- a reality currently being sculpted into effect.

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