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Breaking: Syrian Army seizes 7 towns in strike north along Idlib-Aleppo border

22 January 2018 21:19


Following the link up of two key Syrian Arab Army fronts in the area around the Abu Duhur military airport several days ago, various formations now stationed near provincial border of Aleppo and Idlib are moving north along it having seized seven settlements so far in rapid succession.

On Saturday, the Syrian Army’s eastern Idlib battle-group (led by the elite Tiger Forces Division) and south Aleppo battle-group (led by the Republican Guard) met up with each other near the Abu Duhur airbase which itself was conveniently seized on the same day.

As of Monday, the Syrian Army is now striking directly north of the Abu Duhur airbase along the Aleppo-Idlib provincial border; both the Tiger Forces and Republican Guard are involved in this push.

Military-affiliated sources report that so far the towns and villages of Abu Murayr, Tarfawi, Hamimat al-Dayr, Rede al-Gharbiyah, Majas, Mustariha and Tabarah have been captured by Syrian troops.

At the same time, Al-Qaeda-affiliated militant groups are claiming to have retaken large part of the Abu Duhur airbase after launching a vehicle bomb-led counter-attack.

Al-Masdar News reached out to sources in the Syrian Army – all flatly denied that that armed rebel groups had re-entered the military installation.

Furthermore, a Syrian TV news crew currently carrying out a live-steam report from inside the Abu Duhur airbase has encountered no gunfire whilst on site, adding more doubt to militant claims.

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