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Hezbollah MP blasts coward zionist puppets: Steven Spielberg Proud of Supporting ‘israel’, Some Lebanese Ashamed of Sacrificing for Sake of Lebanon

23 January 2018 15:56


Head of Hezbollah “Loyalty to Resistance” parliamentary bloc, Hajj Mohammad Raad, stressed on Tuesday that it is unjustifiable for anyone to underestimate the seriousness of normalizing ties with the Zionist entity which represents the main threat against Lebanon.

Delivering his speech during a political conference held by various national parties in Beirut, Hajj Raad said that all the films directed by Steven Spielberg serve the Zionist interests, stressing that he is proud of supporting ‘Israel’ while some Lebanese feel ashamed of sacrificing for the sake of their country.

The event was held to reject the government’s approval of “The Post”, a movie directed by Steven Spielberg who is well-known for supporting the Zionist entity as he donated $1 million to ‘Israel’ in 2006 during its war on Lebanon.

Resistance against normalizing ties with the Zionist entity does not contradict with the freedom of expression, according to Hajj Raad wo called on all the Lebanese to prepare themselves for the upcoming confrontation with the Zionist entity.

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