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Syrian Army gives rebels 24 hours to return kidnapped officer or they will invade Daraa town

23 January 2018 9:02


The Free Syrian Army (FSA) kidnapped a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) officer in the Dara’a Governorate town of Al-Sinamayn this week.

In response to the kidnapping, the Syrian Army demanded that the FSA return the officer or else they will invade the town of Al-Sinamayn.

According to the Syrian military, the FSA has 24 hours to return the kidnapped officer before they launch an attack on the rebel positions in this Dara’a Governorate town.

The FSA has denied kidnapping the Syrian Army officer; however, the government is holding the rebel forces responsible.

Al-Sinamayn is currently under a reconciliation agreement, which has lasted for the past two years.

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