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Lebanese Army Intelligence Arrests Terrorist Mohammad Hujairi

25 January 2018 11:33


A unit of the Lebanese army intelligence Directorate on Wednesday arrested the wanted man Mohammed Ahmad Abdel Ghani Al-Hujairi, for his connection with the Syrian fleeing terrorist Sattam Al-Shatyawi, the key suspect involved in the bombing that targeted the town of Burj Al-Barajneh on 12/11/2015, army command said in a communiqué.

Al-Hujairi, nicknamed Mohammed Da’ad, was also arrested on suspicion of his involvement in the killing of Army Major, Pierre Bechalani, and Warrant Officer Khalid Zahraman.

The terrorist Mohamad Hujairi is suspected to be involved in attacking Lebanese army patrols, killing an officer and a soldier, and smuggling weaponry and money.


Source: Al-Manar Website

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