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Reports Say Over 200 Turkey-Backed Terrorists Killed in Clashes in Northern Syria

25 January 2018 15:55


Over 200 members of the Ankara-affiliated militant groups have been killed in clashes with the Kurdish combatants in the Turkey-led Olive Branch Operation in Afrin region, the Kurdish sources said on Wednesday.

The Kurdish-language Hawar news quoted the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) as declaring that 203 members of militants affiliated to the Turkish army, including four commanders, have been killed in different battlefields in Afrin region in the last two days.

The SDF further said that the Kurdish fighters destroyed seven military vehicles of the Turkish army and seized two armored vehicles.

The SDF said that the Turkish Air Force has continued targeting heavily different Kurdish-held regions, including the village of Iska in Shirwa and nearby region in the village of Jomleh in Jandaris region.

Kurdish sources said earlier today that a notorious field commander of Ankara-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) was killed amid the Turkey-led Olive Branch Operation forces’ withdrawal after fierce clashes with the Kurdish fighters.

The sources said that the Kurdish fighters repelled a heavy offensive of the Turkish soldiers and their allied militants and later in a rapid counter-attack in Jandris region North of Afrin managed to recapture the village on Hommam.

The sources further said that the Kurdish fighters fended off another attack of the Olive Branch Operation in the village of Qastal Jandou near the small town of Sheran in Afrin region and took back control over Qastal hill.

They added that Ahmad Fayadh al-Khalaf, a field commander of FSA Samarqan Brigade was killed in clashes with the Kurdish combatants in Hommam.

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