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Graphic: Saudi-led mercenaries suffer another day in Yemen at the hands of Houthi forces

26 January 2018 19:32



Mercenary forces fighting alongside the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen have endured another, rather typical, day of utter slaughter and destruction at the hands of Yemeni Hezbollah, Houthi forces, with one of their bases being annihilated during a surprise attack.

Recently, Houthi forces assaulted a base full of pro-Riyadh mercenaries in the southern Yemeni province of Al-Jawf around the areas of Khab and Al-Shaaf.

The attack saw Houthi forces completely surprise the mercenary gathering, moving right up to their positions undetected and then storming them at point blank range.

Despite the assault being almost exclusively carried out by light infantry forces, Yemeni Hezbollah deployed at least one medium fire support weapon, this being a SPG-9 recoilless rifle that was used to shell the mercenaries’ positions and vehicles.

According to official Houthi sources, their attack against the grouping of Saudi-led forces resulted in the killing and injuring of 20 Riyadh-backed fighters as well as the destruction of 5 military vehicles. Picture evidence (shown below) has been released to back up the claim.


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