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Scores of zionist Saudi invaders killed in big Houthi attack near Yemeni border

26 January 2018 15:57


The Houthi forces killed a large number of Saudi soldiers near the Yemeni border on Thursday, Yemen-based Saba News Agency reported.

According to the Saba report, the Houthi forces heavily targeted the Saudi military’s positions in the Najran and Jizan provinces of Saudi Arabia, yesterday, killing and wounding scores of soldiers.

“In Jizan, the missile forces targeted a Saudi gathering at the Shyaba center, killing and wounding many soldiers, while also destroying several military vehicles,” the Saba report claimed.

“Also in Jizan, artillery shelling fired on Saudi’ soldiers’ gatherings beyond Hamedha village, causing direct causalities,” the report continued.

The Houthi forces also targeted the Saudi defenses from the large hilltop overlooking the strategic city of Najran in southern Saudi Arabia.

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