ISIS jet-fired air-to-air missiles seized by the Syrian Army in Deir Ezzor


Among yet another series of Islamic State weapons stockpile recently uncovered by the Syrian Arab Army in the country’s eastern province of Deir Ezzor was an interesting find: air-to-air missiles.

In previous days, the Syrian Army discovered a number of ISIS arms caches throughout the towns of Al-Hasrat, As-Siyal and Al-Jalaa (located north of Abu Kamal city) in Deir Ezzor province.

Among the expected array of machine guns, shoulder-fire rocket launchers and small arms ammunition that was found was also a couple of unexpected weapon systems – these being two air-to-air missiles (shown above).

The missiles are of the now obsolete Soviet-made K-13 (code-named by NATO as AA-2 Atoll) design which itself is reportedly a reserve copy of the original US-built AIM-9 Sidewinder models.

In the picture, the missile on the right (with the red tip) is a heat-seeking model whilst the missile on the left is a a radar-guided model.

Furthermore, given the larger rear fins the on left missile, it appears that it is perhaps of the K-13M variant (a modernized version of the K-13 with increased maneuverability).

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