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Breaking: Busiest day of the Syrian Air Force in 2018 against terrorists in east Idlib

28 January 2018 18:19


The Syrian Arab Air Force has had a very busy day – in fact the busiest so far in 2018 – carrying out many dozens of airstrikes against terrorists across eastern Idlib province.

According to military-affiliated sources, Sunday has witnessed Syrian warplanes conduct no less than fifty airstrikes against armed terrorist groups in eastern Idlib.

Reports confirm that the bombings targeted terrorist positions, gatherings and movements between the cities of Abu Duhur and Saraqib.

No less than 20 airstrikes hit terrorist positions around and inside Saraqib alone.

The mass raid by Syrian jets over the skies of Idlib province comes after a major improvement in the weather as well as the provision of high-quality intelligence by army spies operating from behind rebel lines.

On Saturday, the Russian air grouping in Syria had its own big day, carrying out a series of pin-point strikes that resulted in the death of five high-ranking commanders belonging to the Al-Qaeda affiliate group Ha’yat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra).

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