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Terrorists collapse as Syrian Army troops secure Abu Dhuhour Airport

29 January 2018 17:33


The refreshed forces of the Syrian Arab Army launched a big assault in rural Idlib last night after taking a brief hiatus to regroup following the Abu Dhuhour Airport battle.

This short break would ultimately payoff, as the jihadist rebels were poorly prepared for the large assault they were about to face on Sunday evening.

The Syrian Army was able to take control of Abu Dhuhour city, today, while also pushing further west to secure the Abu Dhuhour Airport’s western and northwestern flanks.

As a result of today’s advance, the Syrian Army was able to fully secure the Abu Dhuhour Airport for the first time since the first major jihadist offensive at this front in 2014.

The Syrian Army will likely keep advancing at this front until they build a large enough buffer-zone around the airport that will allow them to redeploy their forces to another axis.

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