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Yemen: Revolutionary Forces Preempt Heavy Attack of Saudi-Backed Terrorists

29 January 2018 15:33


The missile battalion of the Revolutionary Ansarullah fighters shelled the positions and movements of a Saudi-backed terrorist group in Ta’iz province, preempting their attempts to launch a large-scale attack on Ansarullah in Western Yemen, local sources reported on Monday.

According to the official media wing of the Ansarullah forces, their rocket battalion unleashed a flurry of anti-tank missiles on the Saudi and UAE-backed forces in the Yakhtoul area of Ta’iz, destroying at least three armored vehicles and killing several military personnel.

The Ansarullah forces stated that the Saudi-backed fighters were preparing to launch a massive offensive before they unleashed a barrage of missiles on their positions.

A senior Ansarullah official announced on Saturday that the movement would unveil a newly-developed missile in the near future to change the scene of the battle in favor of Yemen in the war against the Saudi aggressors.

“The missile will most likely change the military trend of the war,” Abdolquds al-Shahari, a media official of Ansarullah, was quoted by the Russian Sputnik news agency as saying.

Elsewhere, he blasted the Saudi-led coalition which launched the devastating war against Yemen for destroying all the existing mechanisms for a negotiated settlement to the crisis.

“In our view, the solution to the crisis should be Yemeni-Yemeni talks without any foreign and regional pressures,” Abdolquds said.

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