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Calls for Friday of anger across Palestine

31 January 2018 9:08


Palestinian factions on Monday evening called for escalating clashes with Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Friday and declare it as a day of anger across all occupied Palestinian territories and refugee camps in addition to Arab and Muslim capitals and cities after Friday prayers in protest at the US and Israeli policies.

In a statement, the factions urged Palestinians to head to the flash points with IOF soldiers and military barriers and to participate in the events of the World Solidarity Day for the support of the rights of Palestinians in 1948 Occupied Palestine which coincides on January 30.

The factions also stressed the importance to put an end to the internal division and to come up with mechanisms for the implementation of the Palestinian Central Council’s resolutions through the Executive Committee of Palestine Liberation Organization. The most prominent decisions include the dissolution of Oslo Accords, withdrawing the recognition of the state of Israel and rather recognizing the state of Palestine at the UN Security Council.

The statement also called on Palestinians to activate a comprehensive economic boycott of Israel and the US as well.


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