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Breaking: Elite Syrian Army forces bolt through another 4 towns in south Aleppo towards Saraqib city

2 February 2018 22:16


Elite forces of the Syrian Arab Army continue to leap across the countryside of southern Aleppo province in the face of crumbling rebel resistance, capturing from militant groups yet another four settlements.

Moments ago, sources exclusive to Al-Masdar News reported that assault units of the Syrian Army – led by the Republican Guard’s 124th Brigade – seized control of the towns and villages of Tell Touqan, Al-Matakh, Ruwaydah and Zammar.

In addition to this, Syrian troops also laid claim to the hilltop of Tal Ruwaydah (near the town of Ruwaydah), giving them fire-control over their recent gains.

Although the confirmed withdrawal of the elite Tiger Forces Division from east Idlib seems to suggest that the Syrian Army may be holding-off on a drive towards Saraqib city for now, the general direction of the still ongoing advance by other units nonetheless suggests that the key rebel stronghold may still very well be a valid target.

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