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Relatives, activists rally in solidarity with prisoners in Bethlehem

2 February 2018 9:00


Relatives of prisoners and activists participated in a sit-in held on Wednesday in Bethlehem city to express solidarity with the Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails.

The participants rallied outside the headquarters of the Red Cross in central Bethlehem, carrying Palestinian flags, pictures of detainees, and placards denouncing Israel’s violations against the prisoners.

In a speech during the sit-in, director of the Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees’ Affairs Munqed Abu Atwan highlighted the suffering of Palestinian prisoners, especially those with medical problems.

“We are rallying to express our national stance towards our prisoners who suffer in the occupation’s prisons, especially the sick ones,” Abu Atwan said.

He pointed to Israel’s attempt to liquidate prisoner Mohamed al-Khatib by injecting him with drugs that completely paralyzed him, and to the suffering of prisoner Ayoub Asa, who started a hunger strike 22 days ago.

He also talked about Israel’s arbitrary detention of peaceful activists opposing its settlement activities and its practices against Palestinian prisoners, describing their arrest as a measure aimed at punishing them for their positions.



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