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Syrian Army expands buffer zone around key military base in east Damascus despite countless terrorist assaults

2 February 2018 15:44

Syrian troops heavily engaged with militant groups in eastern Damascus have expanded the buffer zone around a key army-held base that despite having survived being overrun by endless and very determined rebel assaults against it still remains in a rather dangerous position.

Even with the Syrian Arab Army being on the attack in the Harasta district of eastern Damascus over the last three weeks, Al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood affiliated militia groups have continued to launch intermittent assaults on the vehicle depot base.

However, over the last day, the Syrian Army – led by battle-hardened Republican Guard and 9th Armored Division units – has managed to establish a 300 meter buffer zone around the military installation.

Battles for the vehicle depot base in Harasta have been ongoing since the end of 2017 when Islamist militias launched a major offensive, temporarily encircling the site for a time before the Syrian Army reinforcements launched a counter-attack the restored a supply line to it.

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