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Feb.11 rallies: Feb. 11 massive turnout response to US, Zionists conspiracies against Iran, region

11 February 2018 14:01


 President Rouhani appreciated Iranians’ massive turnout to Feb. 11 rallies, describing it passionate and magnificent and a response to the new conspiracies of the United States against the Iranian nation and the actions of the Zionists in the region.”

Speaking to reporters during February 11 rallies marking the 39th anniversary of Islamic Revolution on Sunday, Rouhani described the demonstrations as the “announcement of unity and integrity of the Iranian nation and their pledge to the late Imam Khomeini to continue the path and causes of the Islamic Revolution.”

“Next year, all parts and sectors of our country, including universities, sports centres and cinemas must be replete with vitality and great successes,” the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran noted.

Rouhani added “once again, the government makes a pledge to the causes of the late Imam and the dear people of Islamic Iran, emphasizing that it will stay loyal to the causes and the path of the Islamic Revolution and the late Imam.”

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