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“US, Europe not qualified to speak about human rights”

11 March 2018 8:03


A senior Iranian official says the human rights is an issue related to all humans and not to the US and Europe alone, adding the United States and Europe are not qualified to speak about human rights due to the crimes they have perpetrated.

The US and some of its European partners have turned a blind eye on the rights of millions of human beings and are treating them in a very aggressive manner, Mohammad Javad Larijani, secretary of the Judiciary’s Human Rights Headquarter said early Sunday before flying to Geneva to participate in the 37th annual meeting of the UN Human Rights Council.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is very sensitive to such behaviors, Larijani said, adding that an important work to do is to reveal these aggressive acts being carried out in the guise of human rights and humanitarian activities.

Nowadays in Yemen, Larijani said, thousands of people have been martyred, blood of hundreds of children are being shed and millions are on the verge of starvation while those violating the rights of the Yemeni nation are widely supported and those defending this nation are being accused of human rights violation, he added ‘This war crime should be fully revealed in the world.’

The same thing is happening in Syria, Iraq, Bahrain and other places. Therefore, one of the axes of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s activity is to express these incidents from a fair and just perspective that is typical of it.

The secretary of the Human Rights Headquarters went on to say: ‘The Islamic Republic is a very successful experience in recent century. It is founded on a strong democracy on the basis of Islamic wisdom. This a revolutionary experience the Iranian nation has had over the past 40 years. Today, the Islamic Republic is a big anchor of democracy in West Asia and these are huge accomplishments that have worried arrogant powers.’

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