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Big ISIS cross-border night attack on Iraqi forces from Syria ends in total failure

12 March 2018 16:08


Iraqi pro-government forces stationed along the country’s western border with Syria have fended off a big cross-border night attack conducted by Islamic State militants.

According to sources, ISIS fighters unleashed a technical-borne assault against positions of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (PMU) in the area of Aj-Jughifi via the Syrian province of Hasakah around sun-down on Sunday afternoon.

PMU forces (who are generally well equipped) in the area happened to be supplied with anti-tank guided missiles and at least one Islamic State armed pickup was knocked out with such a weapon (reportedly a Russian-built Kornet system) during the attack.

After what appears to have been several hours of clashes, PMU troops pushed the terrorist attackers to call off their assault and retreat back into Syria.

ISIS maintains control of a large swath of desert countryside in eastern Hasakah province and often launches cross-border assaults from the area against Iraqi forces positions.


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