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Erdogan asks invader, slaughterer, satanic alliance NATO to show up in Syria invasion, says Hey NATO where are you?

12 March 2018 15:47


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has slammed NATO over its refusal to aid Ankara in its anti-terror operations in Syria’s northwestern region of Afrin.

“Hey NATO where are you? We’re fighting so much. NATO, Turkey is not a NATO country? Where are you? ,” RT quoted Erdogan as saying on Sunday.


Erdogan added that NATO would even go up against Operation Olive Branch if it had the courage to.

“In fact, they would openly oppose Turkey in Syria if they could. But seeing Turkey’s adamant position, they did not find [the] resolve to do so, “he added.


According to Syria’s official news agency SANA, some 222 civilians, most of whom women and children, have been killed and 700 others injured since Turkey began its shelling and airstrikes.

The military intervention came after the US said it would set up a 30,000-strong militant border force at Turkish doorstep. Ankara is wary of the presence of Kurdish militants close to its borders in Syria, and has been opposed to Washington’s efforts to train and arm them in the Arab country.

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