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Palestinians call for Friday of Rage over Israel-US violations

13 March 2018 21:17


Palestinian factions on Monday called for escalating clashes with Israeli occupation forces on Friday and declaring it as a day of anger in protest at the racist US and Israeli policies.

In a statement, the factions urged Palestinians to head to flashpoints and military barriers so as to join the projected confrontations.

The factions strongly condemned the US schemes against the Palestinians and their inalienable rights, stressing the need for healing internal division and implementing the Palestinian Central Council’s resolutions in response to the US President’s declaration of Occupied Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

The statement further called for severing all ties with the Israeli occupation and rescinding any agreements that do recognize Israel, in reference to the Oslo Accords.

The factions denounced the Israeli aggressions and escalation against the Palestinian people, at a time when settler crimes and violations have reached a peak.

They further revealed underway arrangements to mark the Land Day, observed on March 30, in a move confirming Palestinians’ commitment to their land, holy sites, and right of return to their motherland.


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