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Breaking: Terrorists to start withdrawing from strategic east Damascus district, Syrian Army to enter

18 March 2018 11:45


Reports from well-informed sources have begun emerging that forces of the Muslim Brotherhood affiliate militia Ahrar al-Sham based in the East Ghouta district town of Harasta are to be fully evacuated from Damascus in the days to come.

Reports state that per an agreement brokered by Russian military authorities just hours ago, Ahrar Al-Sham fighters are to either be transferred to rebel-controlled areas of northwest Syria or to settle their status with the Syrian government and return to normal life.

The entire evacuation-reconciliation process is to begin within the next three days. The Syrian Army will enter Harasta at some point during the next two days and raise the national flag at various points throughout it.

Jihadist fighters who chose to be evacuated instead of reconciling will only be allowed to leave with their personal weapons (i.e. assault rifle) – all heavy fire support weapons (i.e. tanks and artillery) will be handed over to Syrian government forces.

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