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Breaking: Turkey-backed forces effortlessly capture Afrin after Kurdish fighters abandon city to its fate

18 March 2018 11:43


Turkish-backed forces have assumed full control over the city of Afrin in Syria’s Aleppo province following the deliberate abandoning of the city and its surrounding countryside by Kurdish fighters.

In every respect of the word, pro-Ankara forces seized Afrin effortlessly. Just over an hour after storming the small city from its southwest and northeast, Turkish-backed militants met in its center.

Despite months of ceaseless talk by Kurdish fighters and pro-Kurdish media that paramilitary groups defending the city and the area around it would fight until the last drop of blood, in reality it was abandoned without resistance.

At the present time, residents from the Afrin area (particularly from the regional capital) and Kurdish fighters alike are streaming towards government lines in long convoys to escape from Turkish-backed forces.

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