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East Ghouta Report: terrorists strike back but not enough to halt Syrian Army’s advance

19 March 2018 19:38


Even though the terrorist groups in East Ghouta pocket are desperately fighting off, the government forces keep on grabbing more territories in the heavily-contested enclave.

The battle-hardened Tiger Forces have reportedly stormed the town of Hazah located to the northwest of the recently-liberated Kafr Batna and entered the eastern neighborhoods amid heavy clashes with Faylaq al-Rahman militants.

The hardly-attained advance was made as Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham group (an al-Qaeda affiliate and a close ally to Faylaq) attempted to curb the Army troops by detonating a VBIED along the road linking Kafr Batna to Hazah.

No casualties reported due to the suicide attack.

In besieged Harasta suburb, a group of HTS militants attacked the Syrian Army points with the objective to make their way into the remaining rebel-held towns of East Ghouta  (where their main ally is positioned i.e. Faylaq al-Rahman).

The assault – definitely thwarted by the Syrian Army units – was launched after Ahrar al-Sham group (the largest in Harasta) approved an evacuation deal to the country’s north as per an agreement with the Russian side.

In neighboring Douma, heavy clashes broke out in the northern outskirts of al-Riyhan town where the Army troops managed to score a slight advance and recapture some new farms.

This was reported in conjunction with heavy airstrikes and artillery shelling that targeted Jaysh al-Islam in and around its heartland of Douma.

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