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Hundreds of ISIL Terrorists Take Part in Turkish Army Operation against Kurds in Northern Syria

19 March 2018 23:42

Hundreds of ISIL terrorists have been among the Turkey-backed militants in Operation Olive Branch against the Kurds in Afrin region in Northwestern Aleppo, local sources claimed on Monday.

The sources said that hundreds of ISIL gunmen, once deployed in Northern and Eastern Syria, have been accompanying the Turkey-backed militants in battle against the Kurdish fighters in Afrin region.

The sources further said that the ISIL terrorists that had left their positions in Raqqa and Deir Ezzur for Turkish territory during the last year are now accompanying the Ankara-backed Faylaq al-Sham and the Free Syrian Army in their battle against the Kurds in Afrin.

Field sources reported on Sunday that the Turkish Army and Ankara-backed militants prevailed over the Kurdish fighters and captured the strategic town of Afrin in Northwestern Aleppo.

The sources said that the Turkish troops and allied militants captured al-Ashrafiyeh, al-Jamiliyeh and Old Garage neighborhoods after they managed to enter the town of Afrin from three flanks.

They added that the forces of Operation Olive Branch further advanced and occupied the town.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has stressed that Turkish offensive in Afrin is part of Ankara’s strategy based on supporting terrorists.

The Syrian government has condemned the “brutal Turkish aggression” against the Kurdish-controlled enclave of Afrin, rejecting Ankara’s claim about having informed Damascus of the operation.

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