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Breaking: Syrian Army totally wipes-out terrorists as they retreat from failed offensive bid in east Damascus

20 March 2018 15:10


The Syrian Army has fully repelled a powerful terrorist counter-offensive in Damascus’ East Ghouta region, inflicting heavy losses on rebel ranks in the process of doing so.

On the night of Sunday to Monday, the Jaysh al-Islam militant group launched a counter-blow south of Douma which targeted Syrian Army positions in the district town of Masraba.

In the event, Islamist forces entered the government-controlled town and seized key positions and points throughout it. This prompted the Syrian Army to divert elite reinforcements from other fronts inside East Ghouta.

Although a Syrian Army counter-attack managed to halt the complete fall of Masraba to Jaysh al-Islam, nonetheless, rebel fighters held their newly captured points inside the town for an entire day.

Moments ago, militants called off their offensive, retreating back towards the district city of Douma. However, in doing so they completely exposed themselves to Syrian Army artillery and machine gun fire.

The resulting withdrawal of insurgent forces straight into the line of Syrian Army support fire resulted in what Al-Masdar News sources are calling ‘heavy losses’ – apparently not all the bodies have been counted yet.

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