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Eastern Ghouta: Tens of Terrorists Surrender to Syrian Army in Harasta

21 March 2018 17:10


Dozens of terrorists surrendered to the Syrian army in Harasta in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus as militants are preparing to leave the region towards Idlib.

Field sources reported on Wednesday that 20 terrorists, including two snipers stationed in Harasta in Eastern Ghouta, which has fully been surrounded by the Syrian army forces, have surrendered themselves.

They also added that the terrorists who are preparing to leave Harasta for Idlib have set fire on their bases.

Sources had said on Tuesday that the terrorists stationed in Harasta in Eastern Ghouta will leave the region to Idlib as militants are making their last attempts to break the army’s siege.

The Syrian army forces engaged in heavy clashes with the terrorists who had attacked their positions in Harasta-Arabayn-Modira front in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus on Monday, repelling their offensive after killing a number of militants.

Meantime, the Syrian army soldiers clashed with other terrorists who had attacked their bases in Misraba South of Eastern Ghouta, repulsing their offensive.

Also, field sources reported that the army has reached a preliminary agreement with the terrorists in Harasta to evacuate them from the region towards Idlib.

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