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Syria: Implementation of Eastern Ghouta Evacuation Deal Kicks Off

22 March 2018 16:28


The implementation of a deal to evacuate Eastern Ghouta started on Thursday, with dozens of busses are expected to leave Harasta, carrying hundreds of militants and their families.

According to information, about 1,500 militants and 6,000 persons of their families will exit from Harasta in two batches, SANA news agency reported.

The agency added that a convoy of vehicles of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and buses entered to the secondary school roundabout in Harasta in preparation to transport the militants and their families from the city.

So far five buses carrying the militants along with their family members have left Harasta, reports said on Thursday noon.

Earlier on Thursday, 13 Syrian soldiers who were held by terrorists were freed, in return of 5 terrorists who were held by the Syrian forces, The swap deal was part of the agreement between the government and the foreign-backed militants to evacuate Eastern Ghouta.


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